Method for Extraction of Vanadium from Oil During Preparation

Author(s): B. M. Nuranbaeva

Many fields of high heavy oil and bitumen, both in Kazakhstan and abroad, include industrial concentration of vanadium, nickel and other metals. To enhance the efficiency of fields containing high viscosity oil, widely used thermal methods of stimulation. The use of various modifications can significantly increase oil recovery and expand the development of hard-to-hydrocarbon reserves. However, with proven technological efficiency of thermal methods remain the integrated development of deposits of metal-heavy oil and bitumen, including the associated extraction of vanadium and nickel. In particular, there were, until recently, industrial development projects viscous oils Peninsula Buzachi (Karazhanbas North Buzachi, Zhalgiztyube) extraction of vanadium was not provided. Economic damage from uncleared vanadium pentoxide contained in these oils may exceed a billion tenge.

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