Method Development and Validation of Roflumilast in Spiked Human Plasma by using UV Spectroscopy

Author(s): G. Raveendra Babu, M. Durga Bhavani and B. Revathi Krishna

Method development and validation of Roflumilast in spiked human plasma by using UV spectroscopy. The UV spectroscopic method developed for the estimation of Roflumilast in spiked human plasma is based on measurement at maximum wavelength 255 nm using 0.2 M HCl as a solvent. The stock solution of Roflumilast was prepared and subsequent suitable dilution was prepared in distilled water to produce calibration curve. The standard solution of Roflumilast shows absorption maxima at 255 nm. The Roflumilast obeyed Beer Lamberts law in the concentration range of 40-88 μg/mL with regression 0.999 at 255 nm. The overall percentage recovery was found to be 98.36% which reflects that the method was free from the interference. The low value of percent relative standard deviation was indicative of accuracy and reproducibility of the method. The percent relative standard deviation for intra-day and inter-day precision was found to be 0.019 and 0.018, respectively, which is less than 2 hence proved that method is precise.

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