Mechanical Characterization of Polyurethane Plastics in Vacuum Casting Process by Using Aluminium Powder and Glass Fibre

Author(s): S. Dinesh Kumar, R. Muthukrishnan Sriram and S. Kumar

Polyurethane have high quality, low viscosity and odorless general purpose resin. It is used for pattern making, prototyping, product development process. This venture is undertaken to improve the mechanical properties of polyurethane. Composites are made by using polyurethane resin, aluminium powder and glass fibre in various mixing ratios. Mechanical stirrer is used to stir the composites to mix automatically. Silicon rubber mold was produced by using vacuum casting machine. These rubber molds are used to produce the test specimens in vacuum casting. Master patterns are made by ABS plastics in FDM (Fused deposition modelling) machine. The composites of various mixing ratios are tested for their mechanical properties by carrying out tensile, compression and charpy impact tests.

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