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Mechanical Behaviour of Silk Fabric Reinforced Eco Friendly Polymer Matrix Composite

Author(s): S. Prakash*, D. Loganathana, K. Surendra Babu, G. Dilli Babu, V. Gopala Krishan and G. Gopi

The objectives of this study were to fabricate natural composite material and testing the strength of it. Woven natural silk fabric has been commonly used in textile industries for centuries. Irrespective of their mechanical and environmental merits, their utilizations as reinforcement material for composites structures are very rare. Therefore, this work is focused on the use of woven natural silk as a reinforcement material in composites materials. In laminated composite tensile strength, flexural strength, compression strength of woven natural silk fabric reinforced epoxy (WNS/Epoxy) were investigated. Composite material, prepared in configurations of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30layers with orientation of 0 degree and 45 degree of WNS and tested under a UTM (Universal Testing Machine) analyzed. Tensile strength and flexural strength were investigated. An increased Tensile strength was observed with increase in number of WNS ply.

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