Maximization of Production of Protein Hydrolysates by using Immobilized Papain

Author(s): T. Sathish and N. Y. S. Murthy

Maximization of the production protein hydrolysates was studied by subjecting various cereals for hydolysis by immbilized papain at varying reaction conditions. The degree of hydrolysis was determined by the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) assay method. The optimum conditions for maximizing the production of protein hydrolysate are 2% concentrated solution of sodium alginate, an incubation time of 24 hours, five grams of alginate beads, 30 mL of enzyme loading volume and usage of beads up to 7 cycles. Among the different substrates, the enzyme exhibited the highest activity on the red gram. For the maximum production of protein hydrolysates, the concentration of red gram was optimized to 2%, at pH 5, the time of incubation 60 minutes R. P. M. 120 and the temperature 500C.

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