Mathematical Simulation of The Styrene butadiene Rubber Production in the Cascade of Reactors by the Monte Carlo Method

Author(s): Tatiana Mikhailova*, Eldar Miftakhov and Svetlana Mustafina

In the paper, the algorithm of modeling of continuous low-temperature free-radical butadienestyrene copolymerization process in emulsion based on the Monte Carlo method is offered. This process is the cornerstone of industrial production butadiene - styrene synthetic rubber, which is the most widespread large-capacity rubber of general purpose. Modeling is carried out taking into account residence-time distribution of particles in system that gives the chance to research the process proceeding in the battery of consistently connected polymerization reactors. At the same time, each polymerization reactor represents the continuous stirred tank reactor. The constructed model allows to research molecular-weight and viscous characteristics of the formed copolymerization product, to predict the weight content of butadiene and styrene in copolymer, and to carry out calculation of molecular-weight distribution of the received product at any moment of conducting process.

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