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Manoeuvering electrical & thermal parameters of carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Neeraj Jain

Carbon nanotubes have shown great promise as a new class of electronic materials owing to the change in their properties with chirality of the nanotube. On one hand, they can rival the best metal and on the other, a semiconducting nanotube can work as a channel in a nano Field effect transistor. Carbon nanotube (CNT) bundles are being considered for future VLSI applications due to their superior conductance and inductance properties which are important parameters while considering anymaterial for an interconnect or via applications. In this paper, we report the variation in electrical and thermal conductance as well as inductance of a CNT with its geometrical features using a diameter dependentmodel.Also the dependence of conductance and inductance of a CNT on the type of nanotubes, tube length and tube diameter has been studied. As we know that at nanometre scale, the electrical and thermal transport properties of the components become extremely important with regard to the functioning of the device and it is very difficult to accurately measure these properties, therefore predictions using modeling and simulation play an important role in providing a guideline for design and fabrication of CNT interconnects and understanding the working of various CNT based devices.

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