Manganese (IV) Heteropolyanion-Induced Electron Transfer In Pentaamminecobalt (III) Complexes of Α-Hydroxy Acids. Evidence for the Fraction of Reaction with Synchronous C-C and O-H Bond Fissions

Author(s): T. Palanisamy, P. Rajkumar* and K. Subramani

Manganese (IV) heteropolyanion (HPA) oxidation of pentaamminecobalt (III) complexes of α-hydroxy acids of in micellar medium yielding nearly 100% of Co(II) and 100% carbonyl compounds are ultimate products. The decrease in UVvisible absorbance at λ = 502 nm for Co(III) complex corresponds to nearly 100% of the initial absorbance. The stoichiometric of unbound ligand and cobalt(III) complex is accounting for about 100% reduction at the cobalt (III) centre. The kinetic and stoichiometric results have been accounted by a suitable mechanism.

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