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Make friends with chemicals and keep interest in chemistry with extrapolation

Author(s): Naga Venkata Krishna Vajjhala

Chemicals are interesting because of colors, orders, the medicine that people take, and the beautiful 3-dimensional structures that Chemistry generates. Chemistry is interesting because, it is a delicate balance between preciseness and approximation, between rules and exceptions, with small set of fundamental rules like electronegativity and electropositivity, hardness and softness, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, lipophilic, we can develop ocean worth of Chemistry and still see new surprises. Physics was science of 20th century, molecular biology may be science of 21st century, but Chemistry is science of 25th century. I will briefly touch upon nanoscience and nanotechnology. I am worried about NBC, CBRN AND CBRNE which are weapons of mass destruction that endangers humanity by virtue of science and how scientists can play a better role to protect human race and make the world a better place to live. I will touch upon periodic table wherein all 118 elements are discovered, the maximum possible for entire Chemistry going on in the Universe.

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