Magnetic nanoparticle immobilized N-propylsulfamic acid: The chemoselective, efficient, green and reusable nanocatalyst for synthesis of xanthene derivatives under solvent-free

Author(s): Iman Ganji, Hassan Ghasemnejad-Bosra

N-Propylsulfamic acid supported on tomagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (MNPs-PSA) is an efficient, readily available, and reusable catalyst for the synthesis of 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j]xanthenes (3a-o) by condensation of â-naphthol (2) and aldehydes (1a-o) under solvent free in good to high yields. Themagnetic nanocatalyst can be readily recovered easily by applying an external magnet device and reused for at least 10 reaction runs without considerable loss of reactivity.

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