Lifetime of microbubble-an interpretation

Author(s): Rajeev Parmarand, Subrata Kumar Majumder

Microbubbles are miniature gas bubbles of less than 100microns diameter in liquid. Microbubbles provides high gas dissolution, larger gas–liquid interfacial area and longer residence time. A theoretical interpretation of the lifetime of microbubble is presented in the present work. The classical Epstein and Plesset model is used to interpret the lifetime of microbubble. The influence of microbubble diameter and surface tension on microbubble lifetime are also analyzed.Acompressive comparison of microbubble lifetime of differ-coment gasmicrobubbles is also presented in this work. The minimum column length required to design an efficient microbubble column is also enunciated. It is observed that the lifetime as well as theminimum column length is significant based on the physiochemical property of liquid andmicrobubble, which is important to design the plant prototype for chemical process.

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