Laboratory Study of ASP Flooding for Viscous Oil

Author(s): S. Kudaibergenov, T. K. Akhmedzhanov, B. Zh. Zhappasbayev, I. Sh. Gussenov and A. V. Shakhvorostov

This article presents results of laboratory investigation of ASP flooding technology for improving recovery of viscous oil from Karazhanbas oilfield. Oil displacement efficiency of two-component ASP formula consisting of polymer-surfactant (hydrophobically modified polybetaine CROHDA-MAA) and alkali (KOH) was tested by conducting filtration experiments on sandpack models. During the course of the experiments, 0.125, 0.25 and 0.5% concentrated aqueous solutions of polymer-surfactant and alkali were injected into the model as a result oil displacement coefficient varied from 31 to 37% in addition to water flooding. This technology has potential to become an alternative to the thermal oil recovery methods especially in cases, where application of these methods is restricted by geological, economical or ecological factors.

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