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Kinetics of Adsorption of Direct Yellow 12 Dye from Aqueous Solution by Jack Fruit Leaf Carbon

Author(s): G. Revathi, S. Ramalingam and P. Subramaniam

Wastewater containing pigment and/or dyes cause serious water pollution in the form of reduced light penetration, photosynthesis and the toxicity from heavy metals associated with pigments and/or dyes. The use of low-cost and eco-friendly adsorbents ha s been investigated as an ideal alternative to the current expensive methods of removing dyes from wast ewater. Jack fruit leaves were collected from the local fields and converted into a low-cost adsorbent. The present study deals with the removal of dyes from textile effluent by activated carbons developed fr om Jack fruit tree leaves (JTC). Direct Yellow 12 (DY-12) was used as the model compound due to its wide range of applications and high stability in the environment 1 . The experimental data fit perfectly with Freundlich & Langmuir isotherms. The adsorption of the DY-12 dye on JTC followed pseudo first order kinetics with interactions largely over within the first hour.

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