Kinetics and Mechanism of Phosphotungstic acid Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzoin by N-Bromophthalimide

Author(s): Jagdish Bharad, Balaji Madje, Fulchand Chavan, Ratna Shelke and Milind Ubale

Kinetic investigations in Keggin-type phosphotungstic acid catalyzed oxidation of benzoin by N-bromophthalimide (NBP) in aqueous acetic acid medium in presence of mercuric (II) acetate as a scavenger have been carried out. The oxidation kinetics of benzoin by NBP in presence of PTA (Phosphotungstic acid) shows a first order dependence on NBP and fractional order on benzoin and PTA. The variation of ionic strength, Hg (OAC)2, H+ and phthalimide (reaction product) have insignificant effect on reaction rate. Activation parameters for the reaction have been evaluated from Arrhenius plot by studying the reaction at different temperatures.

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