Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of methyl á-D-mannopyranoside and methyl á-D-glucopyranoside by ditelluratoargentate(III) in alkaline medium

Author(s): Jin-Huan Shan, JinHan

Oxidation of Methyl á-Dmannopyranoside andMethyl á-D-glucopyranosideby ditelluratoargentate (III) (DTA) in alkaline liquids has been studied spectrophotometricallyin the temperature range of 293.2 K-313.2 K. It is first-order rate with respect toDTA,while fractional order in reductant.The rate constant kobs of pseudo-first order reaction decreasedwith the increase of [TeO4 2-],whereas adding Original Article ChemXpress 4(4), 299-304, (2014) ISSN(Print) : 2320 –1967 ISSN(Online) : 2320 –1975 [OH-] enhanced the constant. In viewof this, amechanismbased on the experimental result is proposed, and the constants involved in themechanismwere evaluated.

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