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Kinetics and Mechanism of Iodination of Substituted Hydroxyacetophenones by Iodine Monochloride in Acetic Acid : Water Medium

Author(s): Jairaj K. Dawle and Y. B. Vibhute

Kinetics of iodination of substitued hydroxyacetophenones using iodine monochloride in acetic acid : water medium has been investigated, in the temperature range of 250C – 450C. The substrates used were, 5'- chloro, 5'-methyl- 5'-bromo, 3' -chloro 5'-chloro - 4' methyl ; derivatives of 2'- hydroxyacetophenones and res, 2,5-dihydroxyacetophenones. The overall order is found to be two and individual orders were found to be one in substrate and in ICl as well. The effects of solvent, temperature, concentration of sodium perchlorate and perchloric acid on iodinaton is also investigated. Probable mechanism is proposed on the basis of kinetic results and thermodynamic parameters.

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