Kinetic study on scrubbing on nitric oxide into sodium hypochlorite solution

Author(s): Bal Raj Deshwal ,Neha Kundu

Attempt has beenmade to investigate the reaction kinetics of scrubbing of nitric oxide into aqueous sodiumhypochloritescrubbingsolutioninalabscale bubbling reactor.The effect of various operation variables such as nitric oxide and sodiumhypochlorite concentration, initial pH, and temperature etc.was critically examined. Nitric oxide absorption reached to maximumvalue at an initial pHof 5.5 and thereafter absorption decreased slowlydue to reduced oxidizing abilityof scrubbing solution as higher pH.The absorption process followed first-order kineticswith respect to both nitric oxide aswell as sodiumhypochlorite.The pre-exponential frequencyfactor and activation energy were determined. The absorption rate of nitric oxide into aqueous sodiumhypochlorite solution under the fast-reaction regime may be expressed by: 2 R = k D C2 C NO NO NO,i NaOCl

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