Kinetic Study of Oxidation of Pentaamminecobalt (III) Complexes of Α-Amino Acids by Mn (III) Acetate, Mn (IV) Heteropolyanion and Mn (III) Perchlorate in Micellar Medium

Author(s): S. Udhayavani and K. Subramani

Oxidation of pentaamminecobalt (III) complexes of α-amino acids by Mn (III) acetate, Mn (IV) heteropolyanion and Mn (III) perchlorate in micellar medium yielding nearly 100% of carbonyl compounds are ultimate products. This oxidation as a diagnostic tool to find out the fraction proceeding by synchronous cleavages of N-H and C-C bonds. It has been found the rate of oxidation of Co (III) complexes of unbound and bound moieties are enhanced more in the presence of CTAB when compare to the NaLS

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