Kinetic Study and Mechanism of Hydrolysis of N-Salicylidene-m-Chloroaniline

Author(s): Anil S. Kirdant, S. G. Shankarwar and T. K. Chondhekar

The hydrolysis of Schiff base is an important reaction of biochemical interest. Kinetics of hydrolysis reaction of the Schiff base, N-salicylidene-m-chloro aniline (HL) has been studied in the pH range 2.86-12.30 at temperature 303 K. A rate profile diagram of pH v/s rate constant shows that the rate minimum in the pH range 5.21-10.22 and then increases reaching a plateau at pH > 11.42. Suitable reaction mechanism has been suggested for the hydrolysis of the Schiff base in acidic, neutral and basic media. From the effect of temperature on the rate, various thermodynamic parameters have been evaluated.

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