Kinetic Studies on Adsorptive Removal of Cd (II) from Aquous Solution using Microalgal Resins

Author(s): R. Ram Senthil and R. M. Meyyappan

The removal of Cd from aqueous solution using micro algal resin has been studied. The percentage removal of Ni was carried out by varying experimental conditions viz. initial metal ion concentration, contact time, and pH. It was found that more than 70% removal was achieved within 120 minutes. This process followed first order Lagergren kinetic model. First order rate constant Kad was calculated. Both; Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms was found to fit and the experimental uptake, the adsorption capacity and adsorption intensity were calculated. The studies showed micro algal resin that can be used as an efficient removal of Cd(II) from waste water.

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