Kinetic Studies and Mechanism Evolution of the Methylation of Phenol over Al-Fe2O4 Catalyst

Author(s): Rajeev Dixit, Samidha Saxena, Deependra Raghuvanshi and Reena Dwivedi

Kinetics of methylation of phenol to xylenol over catalyst has been studied over Al-Fe2O4 catalyst in a differential flow fixed bed reactor in the temperature range 543-643 K. The partial pressures of methanol and phenol were varied and rates were measured for the formation of xylenol. Product selectivity as well as rate of formation of xylenol were influenced by partial pressure of reactants. The rate equation R = k KP.KE PP PE/(1 + K P PP + K E PE) 2 deduced, on the basis of adsorption of methanol and phenol in gas phase represented the data most satisfactorily.

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