Kabachnik-fields and prins-ritter synthesis: Application of Ce(III) supported on a weakly acidic cation-exchanger resin in comparative study

Author(s): Eva Havránková, Pavel Pazdera

We described results of comparative studies of the application of Ce(III) cation supported on macroporous weakly acidic polyacrylate resin as catalyst in two model three-component domino syntheses, i.e.Kabachnik-Fields domino synthesis of á-aminophosphonates, and Prins-Ritter domino synthesis of N-(2-phenyltetrahydro-2H-pyran-4- yl)acetamidederivatives, respectively. Itwas discovered that cation Ce(III) supported on a weak acid macroporous cation-exchanger shown in the studied reactions at least the same or better catalytic activity (complete conversionof aldehyde used) as salt CeCl3.7H2O, eventually doped by NaI.

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