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Isolation of an Antioxidant Flavonone Diglycoside from the Nigerian Medicinal Plant Clerodendron Splendens a. Cheval

Author(s): Donatus Ebere Okwu and Friday Iroabuchi

The ethanolic extract of Clerodendron splenden, A. Cheval (Lamiaceae) that had previously been shown to have biological activity were studied. Phytochemical screening of the plants showed the presence of flavonoids, terpenoids, steroids, glycoside and phenolic compounds. The ethanolic extract of Clerodendron splenden resulted in the isolation and characterization of flavonone diglycoside, 3’,5’, 5 – trihydroxy 4’- methoxy flavonone 7-O--D gluconopyranosyl methyl glucopyranose from its spectral data. EI-MS and 1H NMR spin system analysis were performed to characterize the higher order of the glucoside linked to carbon 7 of the flavonone ring system of the isolate. It is concluded that 3’,5’,5- trihydroxy-4’-methoxy flavonone 7-O--D gluconopyranosyl methyl glucopyranose may be a contributor to the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial and antimicrobial properties exhibited by Clerodendon splenden .

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