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Isolation and Study of the Flavone Glycoside; Luteolin-7- O-beta-D- Glucopyranoside from the Seeds of the Capparis decidua (Forsk)

Author(s): V. K. Saxena and Aprajita Goutam

Capparis decidua Forsk1-4 (NO.Capparidaceae) is commonly known as Karer in Hindi. It has been found to possess important medicinal value. It is used for curing stomach troubles, piles and dysentery. The alcoholic extract of this plant is used as analgesic, diaphoretic and anthelmintic. The present communication deals with the isolation and structural elucidation of flavone-O-glycoside, characterized as; luteolin-8-O-8-D-glucopyranoside isolated from the seeds of the Capparis decidua.

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