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Isolation and Identification of a New Phytosterol Ester from Tephrosia Purpurea (Linn.) Pers. Root

Author(s): Surendra K. Sharma, Neeru Vasudeva, Praveen Rathi and M. Ali

Tephrosia purpurea (Linn.) Pers. (Fabaceae) is herb or undershrub being used for the treatment of various disorders since time immemorial in the indigenous system of medicine in India. The ethanol extract of the roots were subjected to column chromatograpy so as to yield pale yellow crystals from the petroleum ether : chloroform (1 : 1) fraction a new phytosterol ester identified by means of spectroscopy as Stigmast-5, 22-dien-34, 21diol-34, 21-dihexadecanoate.

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