Investigations on the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of an L-Cysteine Nicotinamide Monohydrate Single Crystal

Author(s): V. Azeezaa, T. G. Sunitha, A. Joseph Arul Pragasam and S. Suresh

Single crystal of L-Cysteine Nicotinamide Monohydrate (LCNM) was grown by slow evaporation method. Single crystal XRD method was used for structural identification. The microhardness study shows that the hardness steadily increases with increase in loads. Work hardening coefficient indicates that the grown crystals are moderately softer. Variation of stiffness constant with load for the given crystals was analysed. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss have been obtained as a function of frequency between 50 Hz -5 MHz and different temperatures. The dependence of AC conductivity (σac) on temperature and frequency of the applied field (50 Hz–5 MHz) was studied. The D.C. conductivity was deduced from the A. C. conductivity and activation energy is calculated. The photoconductivity studies reveal that the LCNM crystal exhibits negative photoconductivity nature of the grown single crystal.

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