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Investigations on CLHA and Doped CLHA Nanopowders by Mechanochemical Synthesis

Author(s): K Ravindranath and MC Rao

Semiconductor nanoparticles hold the potential for making more efficient solar cells. Solid-State lighting using LEDs and phosphor material to generate white light is the current research focus in the lighting industry. The present paper describes the investigations of CLHA and different concentrations of 3d-transition metal ions (Mn2+, Fe3+, Co2+ and Cu2+) doped CLHA nanopowders were prepared by mechanochemical synthesis. In the case of undoped CLHA nanopowder crystallite size is about 16.15 nm, while doping with transition metal ions crystallite size decreases and then increases with increasing dopant concentration. CLHA nanopowders exhibit white emission with the increase of dopant concentration and are useful for W-LEDs and PDPs.

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