Investigation of some factors affecting size and shape distribution of silver halide microcrystals in photographic emulsion

Author(s): T.I.Abdullin, V.P.Andrianov, Yu.V.Badeev, Yu.A.Breslav, E.M.Giljazetdinov, A.N.Golubev, B.G.Hayatov, S.A.Koshkin, I.E.Mumdji, S.I.Nikitin, Yu.G.Shtyrlin, Yu.A.Zakharov

Influence ofdifferentmixingdevices and surfactant Laprol 3603-2-12 on the formation of tabular silver halidemicrocrystals inthe photographic emulsion has been investigated using scanning electronmicroscopy. Values of theLaprol concentrations forhomogeneityincreasing,obtainingofbimodalemulsion and for transformation crystals fromtabular to octahedralonehavebeenestimaited.Our experiments have shown that the Laprol is a powerful factor to control size distribution and the shape of the silver halidemicrocrystals in the gelatin solution.

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