Investigation of Proteins on Kabuli, Desi and Green Desi Chickpea

Author(s): Vishal Pathak, M. P. Singh, Shalini Sharma and K. K. Bhardwaj

In the present communication, nutritional quality and levels of protein in different varieties of gram has been evaluated. For this purpose protein content of grain and dhal samples of 14 desi, 20 kabuli and 11 green seeded gram varieties were examined. The mean values of three categories of gram revealed that relatively kabuli gram (mean 21.61 %) holds significantly superior position over desi gram (mean 19.78 %) followed by green seeded gram (mean 19.78 %). The varieties containing lower values of seed coat percentage showed higher values in grain protein contents. Statistical analysis of grain protein of the three categories of chickpea varieties indicated the variations recorded by kabuli, desi and green seeded gram were significant at 5% level. The range and mean values of protein percent in dhal samples of the three categories showed that kabuli dhal samples contains highest protein content and lowest in green seeded gram varieties. It is interesting to note that the level of protein percent increased as the contents and intensity of colouration in seed coat is decreased.

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