Investigation of Polimeric-Bitumen Binder Subject to Climatic Service Conditions

Author(s): Saltanat Zh. Kenbeilova, Erengaip M. Shaihutdinov, Galina I. Boiko, Nina P. Lyubchenko and Sergey A. Dergunov

Oxidized bitumen was modified with waste of carbon-chain polymer production. On Superpave specifications the physic-mechanical properties of modified bitumen were subject to investigation under the climatic conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The behavior of BND60/90 bitumen and polymeric-bitumen binders has been studied at high temperatures on a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) in the range of temperatures from +46°C to +88°C.

On a bending beam rheometer (BBR) in the range of temperatures from -24°C to -34.9°C a comparative study of low-temperature behavior of bitumen BND 60/90 and polimeric-bitumen binders BPV/OAPP-L3, BPV/OAPP-L4, GSV/OAPP -L5 after consecutive accelerated aging of samples in the vertical rotary kiln by RTFOT method and long-term aging in a pressure vessel and heat by PAV method. According the results of the Superpave specifications test samples correspond to the climatic conditions in most parts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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