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Investigation of Effective Parameters in Intelligence Drug Delivery Systems Process with Micro Encapsulation Method

Author(s): M. A. Salehi

In this paper, lysozyme as the model peptide was incorporated into poly (d,l-lactictidecoglycolide) or dl-plg microspheres using double emulsion solvent evaporation method in bench scale, has been investigated. The inner aqueous phase volume used for dissolving the model peptide, lysozyme, was 100 μL and the total volume of the double emulsion was about 2 ml. The concentration of poly (d,llactictide- co-glycolide) or dl-plg in the middle phase of the water-in-oil-in-water or (w/o/w) emulsion was increased from 4.5% of (wate-in- water) to 36% of (water-in-water). Different compositions of the organic phase were employed. The concentration of lysozyme within the inner water phase was increased in four steps from 1.25% (water-in-water) to 32% (water-in-water). In this research we attempted to evaluate the effect of changing the process parameters in order to achieve the maximum degree of retained biological activity (RBA), a high degree of entrapment efficiency (EE) during the preparation process and then compared with previous similar experimental works, in which a good agreement result is achieved.

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