Intermolecuar (4+2) ð cycloadditions of 2,6-bis (3-phenylallylidene) and 2,6-bis (furan-2-ylmethylene) cyclohexanones with reactive dieneophiles under classical and microwave heating

Author(s): MagdyM.Hemdan, GalalH.Sayed, Mohamed S.Abd-Elhalim, Fatma ElzahraM.Sayed

Synthetic approaches towards newdispiro derivatives andbicyclicringsystemshavebeenachieved byapplication of intermolecular (4+2) ð cycloaddition reactions of suitably dieneophiles with the title compounds under thermal andmicrowave conditions.Also,theantimicrobialactivityofsomeof thesynthesizedcompoundswas tested.

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