Interaction of acetazolamide with antibiotic drugs

Author(s): ErumJabeen,RumanaQureshi,Afzal Shah

In the present studycharge transfer interactions of anantihypertensive drug; acetazolamidewith fourantibiotics (amoxicillin,erythromycin,ofloxacinand ciprofloxacin) have been investigated at three physiological pHvalues and body temperature. The theoretical and experimental results revealed two antibiotics; erythromycin and amoxicillin to formcharge transfer complexesof1:1 stoichiometrywithacetazolamide. The complexation ratiowas proved bycompelling evidences from UV-Vis spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. The theoretical findings supported the experimental results. The poor binding affinity of ofloxacinandciprofloxacinsuggestedthese aspreferred antibiotics to be prescribed in combinationwith acetazolamide. The strongbinding propensityof erythromycin andamoxicillinwith acetazolamide suggested these antibiotics to be safelytaken onlyafter the digestion of Azmin stomach.

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