Interacting Blends of Novel Acrylated Unsaturated Polyesters Based on DGEBA with Styrene Monomer

Author(s): Dinesh Patel

Novel unsaturated polyesters (PEs) were prepared by reaction of epoxy resin of bisphenol-A with various glutaconic acids using a base catalyst. The post reactions of all these PEs were carried out with acryloyl chloride. The resultant products are designated as acrylated polyesters (APEs). The PEs and APEs were characterized by elemental analysis. Number average molecular weights were determined by nonaqueous conductometric titration method. IR spectra of PEs and APEs were also recorded. Blending of these APEs were carried out with styrene monomer. The curing of these APEs-styrene blends was monitored on a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) by using benzoyl peroxide as a catalyst. Based on DSC data, the glass fiber reinforced composites of APEs-styrene blends have been fabricated and their chemical, mechanical and electrical properties have been evaluated. The unreinforced cured samples of APEs-styrene blends were analyzed thermogravimetrically.

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