Influence Physiological State of Seeds of Carapa Procera on the Chemical Characteristics of Extracted Oil

Author(s): Aïkou Nicolas, Vodounon Alodé Cyrille, Kouniassey Charles Jimmy Gbaya, Nicolas Cyrille Mensah Ayessou, Codou Mar Diop, Rock Allister Lapom, Loko Frédéric C., Joachim Gbenou, Fah Lauris, Hounkonnou Mahouna Christelle and Bebada Dahéou Rodrigue

The influences physiological parameters of (maturity dismantles of) seeds of Carapa will procera in relation to physical parameters extraction one the quality of oil was studied. The out puts of extraction to the soxhlet obtained by recent hexane one old but seeds of Carapa will procera of Senegal are nearly identical and one average reveal content important year of oil off 58,5%. However the maturity of seeds is accompanied by reinforcement has of the color which master keys from the blade yellow to the dark yellow, year increase in the acidity and index of saponification, of has reduction in the peroxide index. Moreover, the results could forward has sensitive additional biosynthesis of the palmitic acids, palmitoleic and myristic to the detriment of the acids oleic, linoleic and behenic. On the other hand, the evolution of the iodine index according to the maturity of seeds remains mitigated. Within the framework of this study, complementary chemical constant were given compared to the preceding work announced one the oil of C. will procera in particular the index iodine (41-70%) and the peroxide index (0.87-3.11%).

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