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Influence of Hybrid Fillers on Morphological, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of ABS/PP Blend

Author(s): Mastan Saheb SMD, Tambe P, and Malathi M

The aim of this study was to understand the influence of hybrid fillers on mechanical and thermal properties of 80/20 (wt/wt) acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)/polypropylene (PP) blends and its composites in presence of dual compatibilizer. In this study, three filler materials were used. They are Halloysite nanotubes (HNTs), carbon black (CB) and intercalated graphite (IG). The combination of the different concentration of these filler materials was melt-mixed with ABS/PP blends using counter rotating twin screw extruder followed by injection moulding. The maximum increase in tensile modulus and impact strength is for CB and IG reinforced ABS/PP blends in presence of dual compatibilizer. The enhancement in tensile modulus and impact strength is due to melt interfacial reaction in between the maleic anhydride (MA) group of compatibilizer and amine group of melamine, selective localization of hybrid fillers in PP phase, refinement in morphology, increase in percent crystallinity of PP phase and formation of form of PP crystals. Thermal stability increases for hybrid fillers reinforced ABS/PP blends in presence of dual compatibilizer as compared to pure blend. Thus, the CB and IG reinforced ABS/PP blend can be used to manufacture automotive instrument panel due to enhanced tensile and impact properties.

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