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Influence of green manure (chick pea) on the yield and quality of Radish (Raphanus sativus var.pusa chetki)

Author(s): Vijayakumari B and Hiranmai Yadav R

A pot culture experiment was conducted to assess the effect of fresh, composed and vermicomposted parthenium and poultry droppings on the yield and quality of radish. There were fifteen treatments each with three replications. The yield parameters were assessed on 45 and 60 DAS (Days after sowing). Longest bettles were in T6 on 45 DAS and T4 on 60 DAS .T5 on 45 DAS and T3 on 60DAS had increased bettle diameter. Maximum bettle weight was in T2 on 45DAS.After incorporating chickpea,T13 showed higher protein content and T5 exhibited higher ascorbic acid content.

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