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Influence of deposition temperature on the structural and optical properties of nanostructured As2S3 thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition technique

Author(s): A.U.Ubale, V.P.Deshpande

This paper reports the growth of As2S3 thin films on amorphous glass substrates by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) method at different bath temperatures. The films were deposited over deposition temperature range 283 to 333K .The effect of bath temperature on structural, electrical and optical properties was studied. The X-ray diffraction studies showed that films deposited below 303K are amorphous and becomes polycrystalline with monoclinic structure above. The dependence of growth rate and conductivity on the deposition temperature was studied. A blue shift of 0.4eV is observed in optical band gap energy of As2S3 which supports Quantum size effect that takes place due quantum confinement of electrons with diminishing size of crystallites.Activation energywas found to decrease from0.23 to 0.11 eV with increase in filmthickness from67 to 265 nm.

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