Influence of calcining conditions on DeNOx efficiency of V2O5/TiO2 catalysts

Author(s): Denghui Wang,TianYan, ShienHui

In this research, theDeNOx efficiencyof V2O5/TiO2 catalysts wasmeasured in a self-designed lab-scale experimental system. TheV2O5/TiO2 catalystswerepreparedunderdifferent calciningconditions, including calcining temperature and calcining time. Moreover, theBrunauer-Emmett-Tellermethod, theXray diffraction technology, and the scanning electron microscope technologywere applied to analyze the microstructure properties of catalysts.The experimental results showthat the efficiency of catalysts all increased as the reaction temperature rose from200 oC to 400oC, but it decreased when the temperature exceeded 400 oC. The catalyst calcined under 500 oC performed greaterDeNOx efficiencythan others.The influenceof calciningtimeontheDeNOxefficiencywas less than that of calcining temperature.

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