Influence of Aluminum Alloy Chemical Composition with Ultrafine-Grained Structure on the Mechanical Properties of Thin Sheets

Author(s): S. A. Mashekov, G. T. Shokobayeva, U. A. Myrzakhmetova, A. S. Mashekova and M. M. Akimbekova

The influence of the chemical composition of aluminum alloy with ultrafine-grained structure on the mechanical properties of thin sheets, rolled by sever eplastic deformation in rolls with corrugated working surface and long itudinal wedge camp. It was established that there crystallized structure of ultrafine primaryre crystallization mechanism isobtained when hot (corrugated rolls) and cold (longitudinally generator mill) rolled sheets of alloys Al-Mg-Si 6082 grade system with comparatively rapid heating to a temperature of 500o C, exposure to 1 hr and then quenching in oil. It is shown that the mechanical properties of ultrafine-grained structure of the alloy increases with the increase of alloying elements such as manganese, magnesium, silicon. Found that by increasing the amount of other alloying elements due toreduced solubility of the impurity decreases ductility of alloys.

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