In vitro Transdermal Delivery of Aceclofenac Sustained Release Polymer Based Gel using Wistar Rat Skin

Author(s): Mudasir M Tabassum N, Ali J and Jan R

In vitro percutaneous absorption of Aceclofenac was done in order to assess its feasibility for transdermal development across wistar rat skin and formulating into a sustained release transdermal gels containing penetration enhancers like dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Transdermal gelswere prepared using different polymers like carbopol-934, PVA (hot), HPMCK 4M, HPC-Mand SCMC. The formulated gels were subjected to physicochemical studies, in-vitro release studies and in-vitro skin permeations studies. The in-vitro release studies of prepared gels were performed using specially designed Fites cell and in-vitro skin permeation studies were performed using keshary-chien diffusion cell through rat skin. The optimized gel which showed best in-vitro skin permeation of aceclofenac was compared with the marketed formulation and it was found that optimized one (carbapol 934) produced better results in comparison tomarketed one.

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