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In Vitro Study of Methanolic Extracts of Dodonaea Viscosa. Linn and Wrightia Tinctoria R. Br. on Glucose Uptake by Isolated Rat Hemi- Diaphragm

Author(s): M. Sandhya Rani, Rao S. Pippalla, G. Krishna Mohan, A. B. Raju and V. Harish Kumar

In the present investigation, the methanolic extract of leaves of Dodonaea viscosa (D.viscosa) and pods of Wrightia tinctoria (W. tinctoria) were evaluated for antidiabetic activity. The antidiabetic activity was studied using the Glucose uptake by isolated rat hemi-diaphragm in vitro model. The value of glucose uptake by rat hemi-diaphragm for D. viscosa was 13.80 ± 0.1697 and for W. tinctoria was 9.384 ± 0.3944 as compared to control (5.34 ± 0.12) and insulin 15.45 ± 0.12 in mg/g/min. The results strongly suggest that D. viscosa will be alternative choice for the treatment of diabetes mellitus caused in the consequences of resistance to stimulatory effect of insulin on Glut-4 protein.

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