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in vitro Antilithiatic Studies on Dolichos Biflorus Linn. (Seeds) and Parmelia Perlata Ach. (Thallus)

Author(s): S. Jha, M. D. Kharya, P. P. Singh and P. K. Jain

A study was undertaken to evaluate the in vitro antilithiatic activity of Soxhlet extract of Dolichos biflorus seeds and cold extract of Parmelia perlata thalus. The in vitro activity was determined by inhibition of calcium (titrimetric analysis) and Phosphate (colorimetric analysis) precipitation. Cystone (a marketed product) was used as reference drug for comparison. Extracts of Dolichos biflorus showed activity almost equivalent to cystone but extracts of Parmelia perlata were not as active as cystone. The combined effect was not as active as individual extracts.

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