Improving the Processing of Forgings Made of Titanium Alloys by the Uniform Distribution of Deformation in the Blanks During the Combined Forging Processes

Author(s): S. A. Mashekov, K. K. Nurakhmetova, A. M. Alshynova, A. S. Mashekova and A. A. Tukіbay

In order to create the rational technology of forgings and determine the optimal values of the angles of broach and the unit compression, the stress-strain state (SSS) of the blank in flat and combined strikers was investigated. The quantitative data was gained by the methods of finite elements and MSC. Super Forge software; the main regularities of SSS distribution, the temperature in the simulation of forging in flat and combined strikers with the different angles of tilting and the amount of reduction was established. Experimental-industrial technology of forging two-phase titanium alloys has been developed and tested.

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