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Improving Petroleum Industrial Waste Water Quality Using Cationic Modified Rice Starch

Author(s): El-Kareish GM, Hafez AI, Tera FM, Abou-Elmagd WSI and Hashem AI

An environmental friendly biodegradable cationic rice starch polymer was prepared from the broken rice. This natural polymer was assessed and applied in the treatment of the oil refinery waste water where it showed a noticeable improvement in the values of organic matter, turbidity, colloidal silica and chloride ions to lowest levels by applying 10 mg/l of cationic rice starch polymer alone. Also, by using (6) mg/l of that polymer together with (25) mg/l of ferric chloride, in the clarification of the waste water, showed very good clarity. Details, of scenario, methodology, and the obtained results are discussed and presented in this study.

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