Hydrothermal Synthesis of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Author(s): Emel Yidiz

 Using safer solvents and reaction conditions, to prevent waste and minimize waste by using catalytic reactions are the some of twelve principles for Green Chemists. That’s why we choose the hydrothermal method for our studies.Hydrothermal synthesis refers to heterogeneous reactions in aqueous media above 100°C and 1bar. This method is always an efficient technique, which is ecofriendly for synthesizing Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). They are containing lanthanides and multifunctional carboxylic acid ligands have recently received more attention due not only to their intriguing structure, but also to their enormous range of applications. In particular, they can potentially be applied in catalysis, luminescence, hydrogen storage, optoelectronic devices, sensors, ion exchange, magnetism, and material science. We synthesized MOFs consist of organic linkers which consist of carboxylic moieties, lanthanides and transition metals by hydrothermal method. Their thermal behaviors and catalytic performance was investigated, and the selectivity was measured as 100% for the oxidation of thymol to thymoquinone.

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