Hydro-Geochemistry and Quality Assessment of Ground Water of Jaipur City and its Adjoining Area (Rajasthan)

Author(s): Jaipal Garg, Anita Joshi and Gita Seth

The chemical characteristics of ground water of Jaipur city and its adjoining area (Jaipur district), Rajasthan have been studied to evaluate the suitability of water for irrigation and domestic uses. Twenty five water samples representing the deep and shallow ground water of the area were collected and analysed. It is observed that the quality of most of the area is suitable for both the purposes. An attempt has also been made to classify the ground water of the study area on the basis of piper diagram and U. S. Salinity laboratory classification. Majority of water samples belong to the {sodium-potassium, sulphate-chloride}; {sodium-potassium, carbonate-bicarbonate} hydro-chemical group and remaining water samples under the category of {calcium-magnesium, sulphate-chloride};{calcium-magnesium, carbonate-bicarbonate}.According to U. S. Salinity laboratory classification 20% water samples lying are under the C2S1, category and can be used for irrigation purposes and 48 % water samples are lying under C3S1, C3S2, C3S3 (high salinity -low to medium SAR values) and remaining water samples are lying under C4S2, C4S3, C4S4 category, which are not suitable for irrigation.

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