Hydrogenation Processing of Rubber Waste Using Catalysts Based on Waste of Ferroalloy Production

Author(s): Zh. K. Shomanova, Zh. Kh. Tashmukhambetova, E. A. Aubakirov, R. Z. Safarov and Yu. G. Nosenko

The work deals with the study of waste Ferroalloy production, stored on the territory of ash-slime storage of Aksu ferroalloy plant (AFP), with a view to their use as promising catalyst for the process of recycling of rubber products to the liquid fuel distillates. The composition and the surface of the studied catalyst were studied by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray phase analysis, the BET method and the IR-spectroscopy. Conditions of process of rubber waste hydrogenation on the catalyst were optimized. Quality characteristics of the produced fuel distillates were defined.

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