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Hydrogenation of O-Nitroanisole Catalysed by Pd-C: Reaction Kinetic Studies in a Batch Three Phase Slurry Reactor

Author(s): Koran Shakor Ahmed, Salim J. Attar and Madan Parande

Hydrogenation of o-nitroanisole to o-nitroanisidine is an important industrial reaction. onitroanisidine is a useful chemical and has application as intermediate in the manufacture of dyes and drugs. Many catalyst1-6 have been reported in the literature but in order to selectively produce onitroanisidine, a modified catalyst has to be used (Pd-C). The purpose of the present paper was to investigate the reaction kinetics of hydrogenation of o-nitroanisole to o-nitroanisidine. In this work, the kinetic data was obtained using Pd (5%)-C catalyst in a stirred slurry reactor under isothermal condition. The effect of various parameters such as catalyst loading, agitation speed, initial concentration of reactant, partial pressure of hydrogen, effect of product have been investigated. The pressure vs time data were obtained over a wide range of conditions and kinetic analysis was carried out from initial rates. Hydrogenation of o-nitroanisole to o-nitroanisidine is an interesting three phase catalytic system and providing a good example of scale up of three phase slurry reactor7,8.

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