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Hydrogenation of Coal of "Karazhira" Field: Optimal Catalysts and Thermogravimetric Researches

Author(s): D. A. Baiseitov, Sh. E. Gabdrashova, A. N. Magazova, O. Dalelkhanuly, Zh. B. Kudyarova, M. I. Tulepov, L. R. Sassykova and Z. A. Mansurov

Hydrogenation of coal of "Karazhira" field (Kazakhstan) was studied at an elevated pressure of hydrogen on various catalysts. As carriers were used Al2O3 and carbon, as an active phase (5%): Pd, Co, Mo and Fe. The conducted thermogravimetric researches of coal in the presence of polymers showed that in original composition the content of high-molecular asphalt-resinous components-asfaltens and benzene pitches in the field of temperatures 360-443°C is decreased. As a result of thermal influence the role of components of smaller molecular weight-benzene pitches and oils in bitumen is increased. Optimum catalysts of a hydrogenation of coals are compositions on the basis of Pd/C and Co/C on which the greatest absorption of hydrogen and the maximum speed of hydrogenation is revealed.

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